Excavations of the Mail are weapons, pottery, skulls and coins.
Last year at the Postal square found unique finds – the ancient street of Kievan Rus'. Now excavations are ongoing, archaeologists have found many interesting things, writes "Today". As of…

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In Latgale ravaged more than 200 ancient graves
In mid-January in Latgale vandals destroyed three of the archaeological monument of national significance – burial sites in Danilovka, Login and Batni, writes Latvijas Avīze. This is the cemetery of…

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Black diggers in Moldova devalue historical findings

According to experts, the artifacts discovered on the territory of Moldova are sent abroad. After the antiquities pass through the hands of the diggers, their estimated cost can be significantly reduced.

CHISINAU, 2 Mar Sputnik, Daria Chernega. The Ministry of culture of Moldova cannot accurately assess the actual extent of black archaeology in the Republic, said Sputnik, Deputy Minister of culture of Moldova Igor Sharov.

Officially only 65 people in the country are issued by the Department permission to use metal detectors. In the case of Amateur archaeologists much more.

According to officials, in the past 20 years, sellers of artifacts seized from the bowels of the Moldavian earth much more ancient than scientists, since 1945.

Earlier, the government approved the bill for unauthorized archaeological excavations will be forced to pay into the state Treasury up to one thousand conventional units or deprived of liberty for a term up to one year.

“The law applies not only to the diggers, but also to those who store and sell historical value obtained illegally. We will make every effort to ensure that the law was implemented in practice. Those who go into the field with a metal detector,must remember that this case is punishable,” said Balls. Continue reading

“Black diggers” looted medieval burial ground in the Leningrad region

Archaeologists, St. Petersburg state University and the State Hermitage Museum during a scheduled visit to the archaeological sites of the Kingisepp district of the Leningrad region fixed on the object of cultural heritage “Barrow group illovo of” fresh traces of extensive predatory excavations.

The medieval burial ground damaged trenches with a length of several meters and a depth of one meter. “Apparently, the thieves completely removed the items of nonferrous metal coins or jewelry from the burial pits, said TANR archaeologist, coordinator of the public movement for the protection of the archaeological heritage “Amateur” Ivan Stasiuk . — In the dumps of the trenches strewn human bones and iron objects and ceramic fragments originating from the burial, discarded”. According to him, currently, the archaeologists prepare a report to the police and Prosecutor’s office.

Barrow group Pillowa known to scientists since the late nineteenth century. In 1885 Leo Ivanovo archaeologist excavated here 29 mounds belonging to the XII–XIII centuries. In 1973 a group was examined by an archaeologist Eugene Ryabinin from Leningrad branch of the Institute of archaeology, USSR Academy of Sciences. Continue reading

A new discovery of archeologists in Ivanovo

In the vicinity of yuzhsky district discovered a prehistoric people. This discovery made the archaeologists in the excavations conducted on the territory of the municipality. According to preliminary estimates of scientists finds date back to the twelfth Millennium BC.

“It’s unique for our area opening, — said in an interview with portal representatives of regional Department of culture – that found in the historic layer, is unique. Such findings cannot boast of any neighbors from Nizhny Novgorod or from Kostroma. Similar findings were, perhaps, in the Vladimir and Yaroslavl regions. But they’re long on everyone’s lips. Even this win, though, because purposefully designed cultural historical layers that are installed on territories classified as protected by Law. Public policy today is constructed in such a way as not to destroy what the earth itself has preserved the gift of the future descendants of the first man”.

The problem really exists. The so-called “black diggers” destroy whole acres of such areas in search of treasure, and all things of any value. People with metal detectors and heavy machinery turn over tons of earth to find the coin, which then POPs up in private collections. They destroy unique doistoricheskogo, ruin mounds, and just do unsuitable for further study of historical formation.

“Modern archaeology is far from treasure hunting, say participants of a scientific expedition. – In his time, two hundred years ago, our colleagues realized that the shard of crockery or a small fragment of prehistoric tools, the writing on the skins of animals are no less valuable than a bar of gold or a bowl studded with diamonds. Each found in the historical layer of the artifact carries a lot of information about who we are and where. How long and, most importantly, why live. Continue reading

Unique underground monastery in Odessa region robbed black archeologists
Unique religious complex "garden of Eden" with an underground monastery, caves and cells, which is located in Kotovsk district of Odessa region, Rob "black archeologists" and destroying agricultural machinery. It…

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