Earth - Chronicles the life
A new analysis of the world-famous fossils, whose age is estimated to 3,46 billion years finally helped to resolve the longstanding disputes of scientists. The study was conducted by experts…

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In the catacombs of Rome discovered the remains of the first Christians
More than a thousand skeletons in "elegant gowns" were found in Roman catacombs of Saint Peter and Marcellinus. Roman archaeologists from the French School and the French University of Bordeaux…

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Archaeological excavations

Archaeological excavations made in order to East. research excavation of archaeological sites, mostly ancient tombs or the remains of ancient settlements. In the USSR the organization A. R. carry out specials. arcitecture. institutions (research institutes, archaeological departments of universities, museums, etc.). A. R. should only be performed by specialists-archaeologists on the basis of an “Open” document to the right of excavation issued by the USSR Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Sciences of the Union republics. Arcitecture. science developed a set of scientific. receptions At A. R. A. R. settlement excavations produced a large enough area (to accommodate common facilities), the layer (within layers – layers defined. thickness), square (for ease of fixing) all the way down to the bottom of the cultural layer. Mandatory clear documentation of the excavation (written, graphic, Photographic). When R. A. studied cultural layer (and in burials – burial mound and the fill of the burial pit), structures, finds and human and animal bones, plant remains, grains, etc. Continue reading

A new discovery of archeologists in Ivanovo

In the vicinity of yuzhsky district discovered a prehistoric people. This discovery made the archaeologists in the excavations conducted on the territory of the municipality. According to preliminary estimates of scientists finds date back to the twelfth Millennium BC.

“It’s unique for our area opening, — said in an interview with portal representatives of regional Department of culture – that found in the historic layer, is unique. Such findings cannot boast of any neighbors from Nizhny Novgorod or from Kostroma. Similar findings were, perhaps, in the Vladimir and Yaroslavl regions. But they’re long on everyone’s lips. Even this win, though, because purposefully designed cultural historical layers that are installed on territories classified as protected by Law. Public policy today is constructed in such a way as not to destroy what the earth itself has preserved the gift of the future descendants of the first man”.

The problem really exists. The so-called “black diggers” destroy whole acres of such areas in search of treasure, and all things of any value. People with metal detectors and heavy machinery turn over tons of earth to find the coin, which then POPs up in private collections. They destroy unique doistoricheskogo, ruin mounds, and just do unsuitable for further study of historical formation.

“Modern archaeology is far from treasure hunting, say participants of a scientific expedition. – In his time, two hundred years ago, our colleagues realized that the shard of crockery or a small fragment of prehistoric tools, the writing on the skins of animals are no less valuable than a bar of gold or a bowl studded with diamonds. Each found in the historical layer of the artifact carries a lot of information about who we are and where. How long and, most importantly, why live. Continue reading

Archaeologists find ancient cities using the satellites

The remains of very old settlements, like the mound of Tell Brak, shown here, can now be found remotely. In a similar survey of large areas directly on site would take years

Experts have developed a new technique for processing of satellite images, which allowed to identify in northeastern Syria, several thousand previously unknown settlements. The oldest of them are between the ages of eight thousand years.

Directly on earth to speculate about hidden under layers of sand and earth the remains of the tiny towns or villages is very difficult. However, they do not disappear completely. Centuries of accumulated organic waste and rubbish, the broken bricks and, of course, irrigation alter the surface structure. It turns out anthropogenic soil (anthrosol ).

This ground is slightly different spectral features than in undisturbed regions. This property and used Jason Ur (Jason Ur) from Harvard University (Harvard University ), Bjoern Menze (Menze Bjoern) from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT ) to search for the ancient habitation of space.

According to the information Nature, scientists have developed a program that combines the modern with the old digital map satellite Photos (from the 1960s), and made in different times of the year.

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