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A new analysis of the world-famous fossils, whose age is estimated to 3,46 billion years finally helped to resolve the longstanding disputes of scientists. The study was conducted by experts…

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In the Dmitrov district in full swing excavations
This summer in Dmitrovsky district began large-scale archaeological research. Employees of the Moscow Institute of archaeology under the Iksha was found the ancient settlement of the Slavs. Historians are firmly…

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Archaeological excavations of ancient cities in China: Jinsha Regions of China

Jinsha is an archaeological area, which is located in the province of Sichuan China, Chengdu, in the Qingyang district on the Bank of river modi. Its name it derives from the homonymous street, located nearby, which, in turn, was named after the river Jinsha. This place was discovered by accident, but became very significant. The heyday of this city was from 1000 BC And now it is a large, popular Museum.

8 February 2001 in the village of Jinsha builders worked on the construction of a new facility. During the process, and were found valuable archaeological finds – products of Jasper and ivory. Soon arrived at the scene the police, the object was closed and the area was protected for excavation. Later the place became a Museum of archaeology. Jinsha is located in 50 km from the famous culture of Sanxingdui that have carried out archaeological excavations of ancient cities. The highest point of its development the city has reached about 1000 BC Here found burial grounds that are similar to Sanindusa, also a large variety of items from jade, ivory, gold and bronze, but this settlement was not the city wall. The Jinsha culture, which existed from 1200 to 650 BC according to scientists, is the “final” Insidously culture.

Since the beginning of archaeological excavations in the ancient city managed to extract from the ground more than 1000 products of an ancient culture. The age of most of them is more than 3000 years. Ochevidnosti the similarity of detected objects in Sensisble. Thus, a bronze figure of a man similar to bronze statues and masks of the neighbouring culture. A gold belt is visible ornament, resembling the ornament on a gold scepter, the symbol of princely power in the Kingdom of Shu. Continue reading

The Museum of archaeology of Moscow

The Museum of archaeology is located in the centre of Moscow on Manezhnaya square near the Kremlin. We stopped here on the way to the exhibition of sand sculptures near the temple of Christ the Savior. The price of a ticket to the Museum of Photography 70 rubles – 150 rubles I did Not understand why the shooting is worth 2 times more expensive than the input, the more that the exposure is small. For comparison, the Photo at the Paleontology Museum would be cheaper.

According to the announcement hanging at the entrance, until September 30, the Museum is not a standard work schedule: Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 18:00, Wednesday – 11:00 to 21:00, Friday – from 11:00 to 19:00. On Monday and last Friday of each month the Museum is closed. The cashier stops working 30 minutes before closing.

In the Museum of archaeology is what was found during excavations in Moscow, mainly at its center. The key point of the exhibition is the Voskresensky bridge. It was built over the Neglinnaya river in 1601-1603. After the fire of 1812 during the reconstruction of the Kremlin and its surroundings, Neglinnaya was vaulted, and the Voskresensky bridge covered with earth. In the Museum you can see the remaining stone walls. Continue reading