The first humans were long-legged and weak-minded
The history of human migration outside of Africa continues to generate interest among anthropologists. In fact, it was the first and most ambitious trip in history, about which still very…

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Archaeological excavations of ancient cities in China: Jinsha Regions of China
Jinsha is an archaeological area, which is located in the province of Sichuan China, Chengdu, in the Qingyang district on the Bank of river modi. Its name it derives from…

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In the catacombs of Rome discovered the remains of the first Christians

More than a thousand skeletons in “elegant gowns” were found in Roman catacombs of Saint Peter and Marcellinus. Roman archaeologists from the French School and the French University of Bordeaux during the restoration works have uncovered a mass grave just outside the medieval frescoes.

Scholars date the burial was found in the first century after Christ, noting that so far such burial sites in the catacombs were not met. “This is the earliest of these mass graves”, – quotes RIA “news” words of the senior inspector of the Roman catacombs of Raffaella Giuliani. As she says, usually in the catacombs were buried two or, at most, three bodies simultaneously, but in this case we are talking about “several rooms filled with skeletons”.

According to the custom of the time, the body of noble Romans were cremated, not buried. So there is every reason to assume that the body discovered belonged to the first Christians – though noble. “The fact that skeletons dressed in expensive togas is very unusual and may indicate that the dead belonged to the upper class of Roman society,” says Professor Andrew Wallshaker (Andrew Wallace Hadrill), Director of the British School in Rome.

The cause of death of these people is still not clear. Special examination should ascertain whether their death is violent or they died from some unknown disease to us.

According to scientists, older than the graves of the catacombs where the Christians settled in the third century. The website “Orthodoxy and the world”. Roman catacombs used by the early Christians as secret temples, and sometimes as a small cemetery for martyrs. The word “catacombs” comes from the name of a Christian sepulchral structures, which was ad catacumbas in low-lying parts of the valley.

This is how the Roman catacombs of Prudence in “the Suffering blessed Martyr Hyppolitus” (V. III A. D.): “not Far from the place where the shaft ends urban, cultivated areas adjacent to it, opens its dark passages deep in the crypt. Sloping trail meanders leads underground, devoid of light. The natural light comes in through the crypt entrance, and the winding galleries of her already a few steps from the entrance blackens dark night. However, in these galleries thrown clear rays on the top of the hole cut in the arch of the crypt; and although in the crypt are found here and there dark places, nevertheless through these holes significant light illuminates the inside of the carved space. Thus there is an opportunity under the ground to see the light of the absent sun and enjoy its glow. In this cache is hidden the body of Hippolytus, which are erected beside an altar for the divine cult”.

From there went Christian tradition to celebrate the divine Liturgy on the relics of saints in the catacombs it occurred on the graves, the corporal is sewn a small piece of the relics. For hygiene of the body, which was going to pay the reverence that is bound in cloth with lime. It is these traces of lime on the panels found in this mass grave. The order, which are composed of the skeletons also showed the reverence that repay these dead people. If will be found more data showing that the found body belonged to the first Christians, it will be possible to say that archaeologists have found the remains of the recipients of the Message to the AP. Of Paul to the Romans, – this sensational version adhere to the magazine “Orthodoxy and the world”.

A new discovery of archeologists in Ivanovo
In the vicinity of yuzhsky district discovered a prehistoric people. This discovery made the archaeologists in the excavations conducted on the territory of the municipality. According to preliminary estimates of…

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