Odessa Archaeological Museum
Odessa archaeological Museum is one of the oldest in Ukraine. It is located in a magnificent building built in the country style in the middle of the XIX century, in…

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In the catacombs of Rome discovered the remains of the first Christians
More than a thousand skeletons in "elegant gowns" were found in Roman catacombs of Saint Peter and Marcellinus. Roman archaeologists from the French School and the French University of Bordeaux…

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The Museum of archaeology of Moscow

The Museum of archaeology is located in the centre of Moscow on Manezhnaya square near the Kremlin. We stopped here on the way to the exhibition of sand sculptures near the temple of Christ the Savior. The price of a ticket to the Museum of Photography 70 rubles – 150 rubles I did Not understand why the shooting is worth 2 times more expensive than the input, the more that the exposure is small. For comparison, the Photo at the Paleontology Museum would be cheaper.

According to the announcement hanging at the entrance, until September 30, the Museum is not a standard work schedule: Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 18:00, Wednesday – 11:00 to 21:00, Friday – from 11:00 to 19:00. On Monday and last Friday of each month the Museum is closed. The cashier stops working 30 minutes before closing.

In the Museum of archaeology is what was found during excavations in Moscow, mainly at its center. The key point of the exhibition is the Voskresensky bridge. It was built over the Neglinnaya river in 1601-1603. After the fire of 1812 during the reconstruction of the Kremlin and its surroundings, Neglinnaya was vaulted, and the Voskresensky bridge covered with earth. In the Museum you can see the remaining stone walls.

During the excavation they found household articles: various jugs, cups, pots made of ceramics and iron, coins. They found two treasure. First found in 1996 during the archaeological raskopala the Old Gostiny Dvor when clearing log charred under the basement flooring. The first part of the treasure was in a copper jug (pictured it right from the bottom of the copper dish, more like a barrel), covered with a copper bowl. There were the following items:

3 cups. Silver.

6 cups. Silver.

Charka. Silver.

331 West European coin. Silver.

21823 old Russian coins. Silver.

1.5 m from the location of this find found the second part of the treasure hidden in beloglinka the jug, closed with a wooden stopper. In this part of the treasure was:

3 cups. Silver.

3 of the bowl. Silver.

4 Western European coins. Silver.

73606 ancient coins. Silver.

In the basement were found, and two copper dishes, which are also the parts of the storage complex. The treasure that was hidden somewhere in the 40s of the XVII century.

Second – the Spanish treasure. It was discovered in 1970 during archaeological excavations in the Ipatiev lane. He was kept in a copper basin and consisted of 3397 two-, four – and jasminelove silver coins and one fake bronze, Dating back to the reign of the Spanish kings Philip II, Philip III and Philip IV (early XVI – 30 years of the XVII century). The concealment of the treasure belongs to the 30th years of XVII century On the Photos below copper basin, he got and made as if of coins poured out of him in a circle.

The next small room of the Museum shows the items from the life of ancient people: the arrowheads and spearheads, prehistoric axes, jewelry, and household items (see the Gallery ). At the centre lies the jaw of a young mammoth.

Also in the Museum of archaeology are the layouts of the Kremlin and the adjacent territory, as it was in different times. One of them is himself the resurrection and the bridge. To photograph, unfortunately, I could not, because the ticket camera bought.

In General, an interesting Museum, you can go here as a warm-up before visiting the museums of the Kremlin: the Armoury chamber and/or the Diamond Fund. Go for it with the other end of Moscow, of course, is not necessary – exposure is small. Cm. other museums of Moscow

Siberian archaeology — the end of the season
First of all Vyacheslav Molodin has focused on excavations in the complex of Tartas-1 Vengerovsky district of Novosibirsk region. Portal Scientific Russia already talked about the mysterious graves found near…

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