The Museum of archaeology of Moscow
The Museum of archaeology is located in the centre of Moscow on Manezhnaya square near the Kremlin. We stopped here on the way to the exhibition of sand sculptures near…

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Archaeological excavations of ancient cities in China: Jinsha Regions of China
Jinsha is an archaeological area, which is located in the province of Sichuan China, Chengdu, in the Qingyang district on the Bank of river modi. Its name it derives from…

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Unique underground monastery in Odessa region robbed black archeologists

Unique religious complex “garden of Eden” with an underground monastery, caves and cells, which is located in Kotovsk district of Odessa region, Rob “black archeologists” and destroying agricultural machinery. It is reported by the correspondent of news Agency “Route E-95” in Kotovsk district.

The underground monastery is located in the village of Kujbyshevo. It is not considered as an object of cultural heritage not protected by the state.

“Over underground structures of the monastery are carried out agricultural work, and black archaeologists have unearthed one of the entrances to the cave and opens up to 18 cells and a wine cellar. In addition, they put iron doors on the entrance and allowed in the underground passage only at the personal contract. As a consequence, in the excavated areas of the corridor increased humidity, which leads to their rapid destruction,” he told residents of nearby villages.

The underground monastery “garden of Eden”, which is located within the village Kuybyshevo was founded in 1912, the disgraced father innocent (John Levitra). It retained 89 cells. The complex has 3 churches (two large, male and female, and one small). Churches were decorated with ancient icons, the monastery could accommodate several thousand worshipers. Local hermits led strict ascetic way of life, all the time spent in fasting and prayers. Carqueiranne took place in the Liturgy. Above the monastery on the area of about 54,6 ha was located the garden of “Gethsemane” (some of the Apple trees still survive), many business buildings, land, chapel, cemetery, the baptistery and the well depth of 52 meters. The premise of the caves were covered by lenses that scattered the sunlight.

Still canonical status of a monastery is called into question, and the local deanery of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate is not interested to the monastery and the fate of the unique abode. At the same time the religious complex has its historical and cultural importance like him nowhere. Without state interference, Ukraine could lose Europe’s largest underground religious and architectural monument-complex.

Note that religiously for a unique complex claims, the Russian Orthodox Church abroad, which has built over the monastery chapel and created a community among local residents.

Recall that the father of the innocent at the dawn of Soviet power, sent to Solovki, he was declared a cult, and followers – Innokentievna. The congregation followed to the camps for their shepherd. After his release, wounded the priest carried the “garden of Eden” on his hands. The followers of father Innokentija and now annually attracts in the “garden of Eden” from neighboring regions, Moldova and Transnistria, as well as Romania and Russia. They honor the precepts of his spiritual father, say that their mothers and grandmothers have even seen the resurrection, their lives to fasting and prayers. The families are stored and overwritten with the letter O. the innocent from the link. In the diet of Innokentievna not include meat and animal fats, spirits, men do not shave their beards.