The Israelis dug up the history of the green
Beliefs about the evil eye – some of the oldest in the middle East. Mesopotamian texts Dating back to 2500 BC, refers to "the evil eye". These traditions are still…

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Paestum (Paestum): an ancient city of Magna Grecia.
Paestum is an ancient city of Magna Grecia in Italy. The Greeks called him Poseidon. All the churches of the city were grouped around a square. Discovered this place in…

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Archaeological Museum Blagoveshchensk state pedagogical University

In 2006, a group of employees at Belarusian state pedagogical University under the guidance of Professor Bolotin D. P. performed work on the project “Creation of scientific-methodical and educational components of the Museum complex of BSPU”.

For 2006 improved the material and technical base of the archaeological Museum, which resulted in the increase of the exhibited objects, optimize the exhibition space and the development of a data Bank for the collection of the archaeological Museum of BSPU.

In addition, on the basis of archaeological Museum of BSPU was carried out research and developed a plan and methods of work with different groups of tourists. Intermediate results of this activity are reflected in the main part of the essay.

– designed sightseeing tour: “Museum of archaeology named after A. M. Gorky”, “Archaeological monuments of the Amur region”; – training course for specialization 020700 “Historian. Teacher of history”: “History of archaeological researches in Amurskaya oblast”; – developed school lessons on the history of the Amur region with the use of the Museum of BSPU; – under development are thematic courses on archaeological eras and cultures of the Amur region: the Palaeolithic of the Priamurye (Gomasterkey monuments, saw-timber-AK), the Neolithic of the Amur region (Gramoteinskaya AK, AK Fort, Sinozersky AK, AK Nizhneamurskaya), and raniganj the Paleometal age of the Amur region (Uralskaya AK, Poltavska AK, AK Talakan, Group of monuments Alexis hill), Peoples and cultures of the Amur region in the early middle ages (St. Michael AK, AK Mahaska: Nipendra and Trinity groups of monuments), Peoples and cultures of the Amur region in the late middle ages (AK Jurchen and ducherow, Vladimir AK).

The replenishment of the exposition of the collection of the Museum of archaeology:

– developed preliminary design showcase, which will be exhibited seasonal results of archaeological research; – processed, encrypted and prepared for exhibiting the collection of artefacts from the medieval burial multi-layer Pad Coastal (Mikhailovsky district of the Amur region), excavation of which was carried out by staff and students of BSPU in the past field seasons; – produced cataloging and photographing the artifacts of the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras in the Amur region, is nearing completion of the cataloguing and Photographing of artifacts from the early iron age and the middle ages; these materials will be used in the publication of an illustrated catalogue of the expositions of the Museum complex of BSPU and the creation of site museums of BSPU on the Internet.

"Black diggers" looted medieval burial ground in the Leningrad region
Archaeologists, St. Petersburg state University and the State Hermitage Museum during a scheduled visit to the archaeological sites of the Kingisepp district of the Leningrad region fixed on the object…

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