The Museum of archaeology and Ethnology of the Institute of history, archaeology and Ethnography of the peoples of the Far East
The Museum presents unique exhibits received in excavations of monuments of different eras of the southern Far East, objects of traditional culture of Slavs. Detailed description The Museum was created…

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In the West of Greece to the construction of the highway discovered the ruins of an ancient settlement
The ruins of a previously unknown ancient city discovered by archaeologists in the West of Greece. The discovery was made during construction of major highways "Ionia Odos" (Ionian road) in…

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Excavations of the Mail are weapons, pottery, skulls and coins.

Last year at the Postal square found unique finds – the ancient street of Kievan Rus’.

Now excavations are ongoing, archaeologists have found many interesting things, writes “Today”.

As of early February, the facility employs 15 people. They scrutinize soil layers XVI-XVIII century and promise to deal with this period before the summer.

In excavations the archaeologists have found 4 children’s graves and about 10 adults.

According to the Director of the centre of archaeology Kyiv Mykhailo Sahaidak, their graves were not very valuable things, but were a small body-worn bronze and silver crosses, that is, these people were Christians.

“The remains of people initially treated. Summer is waiting for the arrival of a group of scientists anthropologists from Sweden, who will be able to install even sickness of these people! And will hold these works for their own money – for the sake of science. To create the current exhibition at Post need deep research,” said Sagaidak.

Archaeologists also found a building of the XI century (explored later), iron arrows, cannon balls, bullets and fragments of weapons that were actively traded in the XVII century, a rivet from a commercial vessel and about 70 silver and copper coins (Polish the beginning of the XVIII century and the Russians).

“Found a great many fragments of pottery and glass. Found utensils used for przygotowania, and some for transporting wine or olive oil,” he explained in the archaeology.

Also at the Postal square found a great many bones of animals, among which bones of horses and dogs, and interesting plant specimens.

“Layers filled with samples of grain of various grasses and trees, in particular oak, and seeds of plants of the family Solanaceae, it is possible that this is tomatoes,” said Sagaidak.

He did not rule out that in the presence of financing will be possible even to reproduce, because this research area is developing well in the world.

27 February 2015 building on the findings stopped. After that, the Minister of culture stated that the developer with the Postal square will be forced to change the project.

In April 2015, the ancient street was found at the construction site of a shopping center at the Postal square, covered with earth. This decision was made by the working group in the Ministry of culture to strengthen the excavation and to protect it from rain and sun.

Deputy Chairman of the KSCA Anna Starostenko said that as part of a shopping and entertainment complex at the Poshtova square is scheduled to open underground Museum on the site of the ancient street of Kievan Rus’.

At the beginning of June 2015 has created an information headquarters, which began to develop the concept of preservation and museumification of the found artifacts.