The construction of the Crimean power bridge suspended because of the unique archaeological finds
The builders had to suspend work on the construction of the Crimean power bridge. At a depth of six meters in the vicinity of the village of Ilyich, in Taman,…

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Interesting archaeological finds made on the Taman Peninsula in the past year
Unusual coin with ant, one of the rarest vases in the world, the oldest temple in the territory of Russia - this is only a small part of the findings…

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Staraya Ladoga historical-architectural and archaeological Museum-reserve

Ladoga – the ancient city of Northern Russia, founded not later than in 753. Ladoga was the first port city on the paths to riches the Arabian East and Byzantium. Ladoga – the first residence of Prince Rurik, designed in 862. Here You will see Russia in the time of Rurik and Oleg prophetic; Rus Prince Alexander Nevsky, Russia under Peter I. the Vain world shall depart to another dimension, and Your eyes gaze at the magnificent panorama of pre-Christian burial hills, the pre-Mongolian churches, monastery complexes and fortifications of XII-XVI centuries in the temple of St. George the XII century. you can see the fresco of “St. George and the dragon” in its early recension: Holy prayer tames the dragon. Unique aura of lake Ladoga, its energy charge and eternal throughout history – that the emotions and images, which we hope You will share with us.

The idea of creating the Museum in Staraya Ladoga arose in the early twentieth century was Intended to establish a cultural and educational institution, which will include a Museum, a theatre and a library-reading room. However, the events of the second decade of the twentieth century stopped this process. Only on 31 July 1945 the fortress and Church of St. George and St. Demetrios, along with other monuments were included in the Museum and archaeological reserve, transferred to the Leningrad state University. Given the great scientific, historical and architectural monuments of znacheniyami S. Old Ladoga, the decision was made to create the Staraya Ladoga Museum of local lore.July 15, 1971 in Ladoga fortress opened its first exposure.

Staraya Ladoga historical-architectural and archaeological Museum-reserve” (hereinafter – the Museum-reserve “Old Ladoga”) was formed on the basis of the Staraya Ladoga Museum of local lore, as well as monuments of history and culture of the village of Staraya Ladoga (the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR No. 999-R of 25.07.1984 G. and the Decision of Leningrad region Executive Committee № 392 from 16.09. 1985) with the aim of preserving the complex of monuments, ensure the integrity of the natural and historic environment, studying and promoting this national heritage. Under special protection was taken in the territory of 190 hectares. In the composition of the reserve, there are 133 monuments, including 67 – architecture, 57-of archeology and 9 nature.

Over the decades, the Museum has formed a team of qualified staff with degrees. The staff of the Museum reserve contains a rich funds. An important feature of the Museum is that it includes artefacts relating to the early formation of the Russian statehood VIII-X centuries.

Museum collections used in the interests of spiritual enrichment Russians, provide public access to cultural values and to receive full information about Museum collections. A historical introduction to the cultural heritage expands the potential visitors. Exhibitions, including outside the region and internationally (Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Sweden), set the stage for the promotion of the territory in the information space that enhances the image of the Leningrad region in General.