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The construction of the Crimean power bridge suspended because of the unique archaeological finds

The builders had to suspend work on the construction of the Crimean power bridge.

At a depth of six meters in the vicinity of the village of Ilyich, in Taman, was discovered a unique find.

The excavated complex for the collection of drinking water, the archaeologists of the Eastern-Bosporan expedition of the Institute Russian Academy of Sciences is considered the oldest in Russia. Moreover, scientists do not exclude: this structure can be conclusive evidence of the fact that in the Kuban ancestors had mastered the art of construction of hydraulic structures long before the ancient Greeks.

According to preliminary data, the finding refers to the VII–VIII centuries BC, and researchers believe that this, possibly the work of a pre-Greek population or even unknown to science civilization.

When archaeologists excavated the complex, it was in good condition: the system was filled with water, like many thousands of years ago. Samples of the contents of the reservoir were sent to a testing laboratory of the St. Petersburg Institute of history and material culture of the RAS.

The complex consists of several interconnected stone tanks. The stones of which they were built, were the height of two meters. Because of temperature differences, characteristic of the Taman Peninsula, on the stones of the accumulated condensate. In the main tank liquid is collected,defended, and then through the gap fall into three related reservoir. Water is passed through a kind of stone filter. According to the chief of Eastern Bosporus expedition of the Institute Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolay Sudarev, this was enough to meet the needs of the whole settlement.

— If to speak about the ancient reservoirs, it is not easy to determine which ethnic group they were able to build, — has explained to the correspondent “RG” the candidate of historical Sciences, researcher of scientific-research center of traditional culture of the state Kuban Cossack choir Igor Vasiliev. — Masters could be the first in Taman Greek settlers, and tribes of Sinds.

According to scientists, the Sindi dwelt on the Taman Peninsula and was first mentioned in the VI century BC. The ethnicity of this tribe is still a matter of controversy. Some consider them to be Indo-Europeans, others — ancestors of the Circassians, part of the maeotae. Meanwhile

According to the builders, archaeological excavations will not affect the time required for the construction of a power bridge to Crimea. The works are even some ahead of schedule. However, due to the fact that the shore will be strengthened, the discovery after studying and describing the scientists will have to fill in.