The Museum of archaeology of Moscow
The Museum of archaeology is located in the centre of Moscow on Manezhnaya square near the Kremlin. We stopped here on the way to the exhibition of sand sculptures near…

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The Neolithic settlement found in Istanbul
During the ongoing works on construction of railway tunnel "Marmaray" in Istanbul workers found invaluable for historians the ruins of the ancient settlement. Presumably the settlement belongs to the new…

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National archaeological Museum-reserve “Kostenki”

The first time the human settlements in Kostyonki are 45 thousand years ago, the last end its existence about 30 thousand years later. During this time, humanity was able to go to a Grand from a small group the first Europeans who only started to master a new continent, to highly developed societies “mammoth hunters”. Finds of that era showed that people not only managed to survive in the extreme conditions of a periglacial zone, and created expressive culture: they could build a complex of residential constructions, to do a variety of stone tools and create amazing artistic images. Thanks to these findings largely created our current understanding of the stone age. Kostenki is a reference monument of the upper Paleolithic, to preserve, study and promote the aims of the Museum-reserve.

March 2 at the Palace of culture “Shinnik” on the street of Rostov opened postponed due to quarantine activities exhibition dedicated to the Day of defender of the Fatherland. The exhibition presents works of students of schools of the city and region, collected by our Museum last year during the jubilee events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of …

Yesterday at websitee of the St. Petersburg charitable educational project “Briefly and clearly about the most interesting” was published the wall newspaper prepared by the staff of the Museum-reserve “Kostenki”. The article is called “the Journey into the stone age”, which will help create a complete picture of this era not only the child, but … read more

Yesterday, on 17 February, the staff of the Museum went on tour in one of the newly renovated Voronezh noble estates, once belonging to Losev, Shatilova, Steel von Holsteins. In addition to aesthetic pleasure from contemplation of beautiful natural landscapes and the creation of human hands, we received a powerful impetus to … read more

On 17 February, the Museum staff conducted educational lesson “Master class of painting of the stone age” for the students of Kostenets, Yabluchanskiy, Ustyevskaya and Archangel schools of Khokholsky district. Students learned about the secrets of primitive art, try themselves in the role of the artist the stone age and received prizes from the Museum … read more

Dear guests of our websiteand! Please note that previously announced the opening of the exhibition of children’s drawings “Children paint war” and a theatrical demonstration lesson “At rest” PC “Shinnik” on February 19, postponed to March 2 due to the ban on … read more

How to get there?

Dear guests of our Museum! From 9 November 2015, the Museum in Kostyonki is closed to visitors. Get acquainted with its exposition will be from may 2016. The exact date of the opening of the Museum in 2016 to be announced.

This year in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war the Federal Agency for tourism and the Russian military historical society prepared a series of videos about the military-historical routes to places of military glory. These videos, presented in several foreign languages, You will be able to see … read more

From the next tourist season we are going to introduce a new excursion program “visit to the lilac” with its famous monument of Slavic archaeology – Great Borrascoso ancient settlement and burial ground on the don between the villages of Kostenki and Borshevo. And we would like in the preparation of this … read more

Unique archaeological finds discovered on the Sakhalin participants of Russian-Japanese expedition
This "Neolithic revolution” call is made at the site of ancient settlements of the indigenous inhabitants of the Eastern part of Sakhalin island open the head of the expedition, Vice-rector…

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