In St. Petersburg will present the findings of archaeological expeditions in the history of Russia
Moscow, April 15. St. Petersburg archaeologists will present the finds of the expeditions of 2014, providing new evidence about the history of different regions of Russia and Asia. As reported…

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Excavations of the ancient settlement in modern Primorye
Vladivostok archaeologists go in Hasansky district for excavation of the settlement of I Millennium BC, in which for the first time in modern Primorye was found a workshop of metal…

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The ridge of UNICOS – Ancient tombs

The ridge of Usakos also quite exclusive route. Tourists don’t drive it often. This for two reasons – few sources of water along the way and a rather big load on my feet – to reach the crown of the route – the devil’s finger ( in Dakhovskaya this rock is called Bell tower ) and return to determine, you need to otmechat twenty kilometers. Options with Shuttle – to Romance ( Victory village ) or Dakhovskaya. The first option is better as you climb and there is no way to Unocosa fun. From Dakhovskaya is also possible (he had passed this way, and got burned, but more on that later), from the stables – and up.

To take Uncos we went on Monday. Light went to work, and the rest, pushed his way his eyes and wash with cold water some morning neverest, moved to Nakasu. All went easily enough, so decided to walk in full to the Fucking finger and back. Having Mesko, we filled out from the source a couple of bottles and crossed the stream. We went straight to the cleft in the ridge, the glorious fact that there is Alanic grave – the grave, which archaeologists produced in addition, Alan and elongated skull. Now in the grave they have this large toad. Katerina immediately dived into the pit, shook hands with the little animals and milesnorth. The rest has already been there this year (when he walked Mesko). Climbing up to the ridge, we – the stone trough, and shreds, as grandmaster, in the bypass, it was on Unease. The Bloody finger on Nakoso you can go two ways – top forest (in the shade, no special attractions, no water sources) or along a trail under Skalnik the sun, a lot of caves, cave Dakhovskaya, very nice and there are a couple of sources of water.

The first thing we got to an observation, with which the great visible White, ridge Azish-Tau, Dakhovskaya and mountains in the distance. Poglazev a little bit, we came to a tectonic rift, slit depth of twenty meters. Then the giant Kapu (cancerous tumor) on one of the trees. After all this we went under Skalnik continue down the trail under Skalnik. Tolia told about Caucasian reptiles, including the Viper Kaznakova – the most poisonous of all the vipers. And then she appeared – kolola a little ahead of us. Shreds happily notifying the public. Faster all reacted Katerina blew in the opposite direction for ten meters that way. Notable events of this campaign – finding a bunch of fraxinella – beautiful flowers that emit a gas similar to phosgene. Usual steps with this flower groans, sighs, off-smell, pulmonary edema, and pathetic attempts to survive. And then someone smart a whole bunch of narwhal. We wished unknown nerd the best of luck in life and walked away. Also I saw the rock, ivy-covered, rock-a training simulator for rock climbers with marked lanes and the main attraction – the Dakhovskaya cave – Parking of the primitive person. There Tolik took the opportunity to dig a little bit, but nothing remarkable was not found.

And finally, the devil’s Finger. We climbed up and went for dinner. It was nice to lie in the sun on warm rocks. We take pictures on his Finger, and he, too, took off. We were coming back through the woods on horseback. And skalník Mesko saw a legless lizard-smooth snake – completely harmless reptile. Have a great day.