The Israelis dug up the history of the green
Beliefs about the evil eye – some of the oldest in the middle East. Mesopotamian texts Dating back to 2500 BC, refers to "the evil eye". These traditions are still…

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Archaeological excavations
Archaeological excavations made in order to East. research excavation of archaeological sites, mostly ancient tombs or the remains of ancient settlements. In the USSR the organization A. R. carry out…

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Opening in Cyprus renewed Georgian archeological complex Galiya X-XVI centuries

Holidays in Cyprus is not only Golden beaches and azure sea but also the acquaintance with the rich culture and history of the region. Many travelers specifically to come to this amazing island.

It will be interesting to see what is still in Cyprus discover new monuments of architecture. To those include Georgian archeological complex Galiya 10th-16th centuries It was officially opened in April 2014 in the solemn ceremony with participation of Minister of culture and monument protection of Georgia, Odisharia, as well as such officials as Minister of infrastructure and labour R. Cyprus Marios Demetriadis. According to Mr. Demetriadis this event was the best proof of the desire and the ability to work on a joint historical projects. The recovery of Gaul will show to other States, what should be the cooperation of countries in relation to shared ancient cultural heritage. The opening was timed to the official visit to Cyprus of Mr. Odisharia, who was accompanied by Nicky Antidze (Gen. Director of the National Agency of cultural heritage protection of Georgia).

Georgian specialists together with the Cypriot professionals in this field took a direct part in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of this facility, launched successfully a few years ago. Between the countries-partners of the agreement include surveying,archaeological and restorative stages of work (paid and held Georgia) and conservation work was carried out and funded the R. of Cyprus.

Ghalia include the Ghalia monastery of the Mother of God and the Church. George and St. Nicholas (they are also included in this set). Facilities are completely cleaned from dirt and sand, consolidated, and securely preserved. All the work was done carefully and deliberately, strictly adhered to the technical features in each stage. The restored monastery became a tourist guide to the island as Georgian Antiques and has already attracted the interest of tourists who bought tours to Cyprus. It is obvious that such an event will cause an influx of travelers to the region, especially among lovers, connoisseurs and professionals in the field of history and archaeology.

The countries plan to continue such a fruitful collaboration in the framework of the signed in the winter of NAT. the Agency of cultural heritage protection of Georgia and the Department of antiquities of Cyprus Memorandum.