Archaeological Museum Blagoveshchensk state pedagogical University
In 2006, a group of employees at Belarusian state pedagogical University under the guidance of Professor Bolotin D. P. performed work on the project "Creation of scientific-methodical and educational components…

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National archaeological Museum-reserve "Kostenki"
The first time the human settlements in Kostyonki are 45 thousand years ago, the last end its existence about 30 thousand years later. During this time, humanity was able to…

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“Black diggers” ahead of the search engines

In one of the suburbs of Kaliningrad treasure hunters found the wreckage of the Soviet IL-2, deceased in 1945 in the battles for Koenigsberg. Before the excavations had spent a lot of time obtaining permits and clearing areas. As the plane was with bombs. But while these questions were being solved, “black diggers” don’t waste time.

The roads to this place are almost there, to the fallen of Antiques IL-2 had to go two kilometers. On either side of the path – eroded trenches and pits from the dugouts. A 45-m here the Soviet troops had closed the ring of encirclement. But German troops kept the defense. Not to give to break the tanks of the enemy against them used the IL-2 attack aircraft. This plane crashed right in the centre of the German fortifications.

Yuri Rjabcev, special correspondent the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Kaliningrad: “our arrival here have been grave diggers, what they did, clearly visible behind us. Dug a pit, the groundwater was not allowed to reach the engine and branchline”.

This plane is found searchers of Antiques a few years ago, but especially about the finding did not apply. Wrote a letter to the Western Department of internal Affairs on transport, announced in the headquarters of the Baltic fleet. And patiently waiting for the clearance.During this time the cockpit was a pit, aircraft machine guns and ammunition to them disappeared altogether. Gone and two bombs of large calibre, which lay directly on the surface. Remained the only aircraft gun.

Mikhail Nekrasov, Chairman of the Association of search groups “Memory” of the Kaliningrad region: “If the authorities decide to disarm, we will continue our work after cornocopia will continue to search for pilots that are at a depth of 4-5 meters must be”.

Are not taken nor shovels, nor devices. Just decided to check if the plane. It hardly found, because lately the place has changed a lot.

You can get here only in boots and in dry weather. At the crash site of the military Antiques and armor lie the remains of many small bombs, they were used to defeat German tanks with air. This bomb has no TNT and no fuse. Apparently, the filling is already pulled.

This place, with someone’s light hand called the Valley of anger. Whether due to heavy fighting in the 45th, whether because of the swampy area. Now seekers of Antiques worried – what if I disappear the last vestiges of the attack and scattered the ammunition. Because black diggers permission to take no need

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