Mysterious sanctuary of the stone age hunters. Archaeological discoveries at gobekli Tepe
All familiar with the history of the ancient world, remember that civilization originated in the lowlands of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers about 3 thousand years BC All that was…

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Ancient DNA lifted the veil on the colonization of South America
The people settled in South America in a single migration wave, soon after their ancestors first came from Siberia to the Western hemisphere. Settlement in South America was discussed in…

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Archaeologists exploring the world in search of the mysterious artifacts of the past. They gently blow away the dust of centuries with a variety of artifacts, and among the usual debris of history meticulous archaeologist will be able to find rare powerful relics.

Artifacts provide invaluable information about the history of the world, and some collectors are willing to part for them with their money. After finding the archaeologist is duly described in its magazine, it is possible for the Bank to sell to a dealer or Museum keepers.

Archaeology belongs to the category of secondary professions. This means that to possess the ability to research and gather the shards of the past and everyone can, regardless of what other professions they have mastered.

The work of the archaeologist begins with a study of maps of Azeroth in search of a suitable location for excavation. After this, he goes there with their research tools designed to help the seeker to find out the whereabouts of the most valuable historical fragments. In various places you can find different types of artifacts and obtain different rewards.

With the growth of archeology skill you will be able to dig all the more valuable and rare items, and the collection of antiquities your knowledge about the world and past of Azeroth buducnosti.

Step 1 you will learn the basics of archaeology, you will see icons in the form of a shovel, indicating in what areas it is best to excavate. To get started, you need to go in marked with a shovel area.

Step 2 After arrival at the excavation site on the map you will see where you can dig. You can stop at any point on the relevant site and click “Explore” from your professions menu.

Step 3 You will see a telescope and an indicator, which will glow different colors depending on how close you are to the place where the artifact is located (red = far, yellow closer, and green is very close). A telescope will always point in the direction of the artifact, and the distance indicator will help you determine how close you are to the goal.

Step 4 don’t stop, keep exploring. When you close to the artifact, he will be in front of you when you once again click on the “Explore” and you get fragments of the relics, which came. Usually on a dig you can try your luck several times.

Step 5 the more fragments you dig, the sooner you will be able to collect them from the artifact. After a full rebuild of the artifact you will be rewarded, and the history of the collected items will appear in your professions menu.

In the West of Greece to the construction of the highway discovered the ruins of an ancient settlement
The ruins of a previously unknown ancient city discovered by archaeologists in the West of Greece. The discovery was made during construction of major highways "Ionia Odos" (Ionian road) in…

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