In the Dmitrov district in full swing excavations
This summer in Dmitrovsky district began large-scale archaeological research. Employees of the Moscow Institute of archaeology under the Iksha was found the ancient settlement of the Slavs. Historians are firmly…

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The Neolithic settlement found in Istanbul
During the ongoing works on construction of railway tunnel "Marmaray" in Istanbul workers found invaluable for historians the ruins of the ancient settlement. Presumably the settlement belongs to the new…

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In the West of Greece to the construction of the highway discovered the ruins of an ancient settlement

The ruins of a previously unknown ancient city discovered by archaeologists in the West of Greece.

The discovery was made during construction of major highways “Ionia Odos” (Ionian road) in the city Alikina near It.

Place excavations have already visited the Minister of infrastructure, transport and networks Michalis message Hrisohoidis.

The first results of the excavations show that it was an ancient city center. Scientists expect to obtain additional data in further studies.

Now for the archaeological site rests with the Central archaeological Council of Greece and the Ministry of culture and sports. According to Chrisochoidis, so far studied only a small part of the city.

Officials are concerned about the place of discovery of the ancient settlement, which is located practically on the construction site and near it, from which the works on construction of motorway section were suspended.

Chrisohoidis believes that the excavations should be accelerated to ensure compliance with the construction schedule.

“Ionia Odos” — a key highway with a length of 196 km, which will take place along the coast of the Ionian sea in Western Greece. She badent to start from the port city of Patrina the Peloponnese, pass through Mesologgi, Agrinio, Amphylokhios, Art and will culminate in the city of Ioannina, where we will connect with the motorway “Egnatia”, crossing Northern Greece from East to West.

“Ionia Odos” is one of the most difficult in construction projects: many sections of the motorway will pass through very difficult terrain, mainly along the mountain range of Pindos.

In 2010 it was expected that the construction of the Expressway will be fully completed by the end of 2013, but its construction was suspended due to the economic problems of construction companies, the slow process of expropriation of land owned, the archaeological excavations at the site of the future highway and environmental issues.

In mid-2013, work was resumed and now the highway is expected to be completed by December 2015 or early 2016.