Archaeologists exploring the world in search of the mysterious artifacts of the past. They gently blow away the dust of centuries with a variety of artifacts, and among the usual…

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"Black diggers" looted medieval burial ground in the Leningrad region
Archaeologists, St. Petersburg state University and the State Hermitage Museum during a scheduled visit to the archaeological sites of the Kingisepp district of the Leningrad region fixed on the object…

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Black diggers in Moldova devalue historical findings

According to experts, the artifacts discovered on the territory of Moldova are sent abroad. After the antiquities pass through the hands of the diggers, their estimated cost can be significantly reduced.

CHISINAU, 2 Mar Sputnik, Daria Chernega. The Ministry of culture of Moldova cannot accurately assess the actual extent of black archaeology in the Republic, said Sputnik, Deputy Minister of culture of Moldova Igor Sharov.

Officially only 65 people in the country are issued by the Department permission to use metal detectors. In the case of Amateur archaeologists much more.

According to officials, in the past 20 years, sellers of artifacts seized from the bowels of the Moldavian earth much more ancient than scientists, since 1945.

Earlier, the government approved the bill for unauthorized archaeological excavations will be forced to pay into the state Treasury up to one thousand conventional units or deprived of liberty for a term up to one year.

“The law applies not only to the diggers, but also to those who store and sell historical value obtained illegally. We will make every effort to ensure that the law was implemented in practice. Those who go into the field with a metal detector,must remember that this case is punishable,” said Balls.

The official admitted that the niche for black diggers appeared on the background of insufficient financing of archaeology in Moldova. Thus, experts often find traces of the treasure hunters, when I leave to the examination of already known archaeological sites. According to an employee of the National history Museum Valery Bubulici, it causes great harm to science. The expert notes that once the location of ancient sites visited black archeologists, the harder it is to recover the full historical picture.

“They are not interested in the battle of ceramics, the ratio of animal bones with other metals. From the ground simply remove the metal. And similar to scientists are one of the chronological indicators and provide valuable information. For example, by conducting special tests can know the place of origin of the metal, to track the export and import communication in different regions,” explained Bubulici.

According to experts, artifacts from Moldova are trafficked to Europe and neighboring countries — Russia and Ukraine.

“When the subject found during archaeological excavations, a well-known historical context — its origins, epoch, the owners. In this case, the finding is of a higher price. If the subject find black diggers, the price automatically drops. In addition, sometimes black diggers trying to restore the artifacts. Findings from this suffering, and their price again falls,” said Babulic.

The Ministry of culture hopes that with the advent of real levers of punishment for black archeology, can reduce the extent of this phenomenon in the country.

Israeli archaeologists have discovered Christian monastery complex of the V century
Archaeologists have found in Rosh ha'ayin in the Central district of Israel ancient manor house and the Byzantine Church. Researchers estimate the age of the estate is approximately 2700 years…

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