In Latgale ravaged more than 200 ancient graves
In mid-January in Latgale vandals destroyed three of the archaeological monument of national significance – burial sites in Danilovka, Login and Batni, writes Latvijas Avīze. This is the cemetery of…

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On Altai scientists have found the remains of a man who lived 50 thousand years ago
On Altai scientists-paleontologists have unearthed the remains of a man who lived here about 50 thousand years ago. Loud discovery made the scientists in the cave with a frightening name…

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Odessa Archaeological Museum

Odessa archaeological Museum is one of the oldest in Ukraine. It is located in a magnificent building built in the country style in the middle of the XIX century, in the heart of Odessa. Thanks to the incredibly rich collection of unique antiquities archaeological Museum is a real treasure, a priceless cultural heritage, and is among the top ten most visited sights of South Palmyra.

It began its history in 1825 as the city Museum of antiquities. The core of its collection became a private collection of ancient books and archaeological objects, which the city passed local philanthropist Ivan Blaramberh, who actively participated in the creation of the Museum. Further development required archaeological Museum of the Odessa society of history and antiquities, through which its funds have been considerably increased original artifacts of the past.

The Museum’s collection, numbering about 170 thousand exhibits, is set in ten themed rooms, located on two floors. It consists of valuable monuments of history and culture of the Northern black sea, ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, as well as antiquities from Cyprus and Egypt. The exposition is built in chronological order from the stone age to the middle Ages and introduces the culture and life of different Nations.

One of the most interesting is the section devoted to the period of Antiquity. There are antique sculptures, medals,coins, household items, jewelry, artifacts, painted vessels, which is evidence of the existence of the Greek colonies of the Northern black sea. The most famous exhibit is ancient Greek amphora, found at the construction site of the Odessa Opera theatre.

A separate room of the archaeological Museum dedicated to the culture of the Scythians and Sarmatians who once lived in the steppes of the black sea region. Here you can see rare gold and silver coins, weapons, bronze cauldrons and other utensils as well as jewelry found in Scythian and Sarmatian burial grounds. Among other valuable exhibits of the Museum – the archaeological relics found on the territory of Odessa and its surroundings: a treasure of electrum coins, which is the second largest in the world, terracotta statuette, Dating from the third century BC and the collection of ancient sculptures and ceramics.

The pride of Odessa archaeological Museum – collection of Egyptian antiquities, consisting of 400 items, which is one of the largest in Ukraine. It includes clips of Egyptian steles and relief of the tomb of the Queen of Cheap, altars and sarcophagi, religious objects, mummies of people and animals, jewellery, ancient papyri, and more.

The most impressive archaeological Department of the Museum is the so-called “Golden pantry” of items made of precious metals, the oldest of which date to the beginning of the II Millennium BC Here, in particular, presents the numismatic collection, which contains unique artifacts – rare banknotes Ancient Greece, Rome and Byzantium, hexagonal silver hryvnia of the XI – XII centuries, the Swedish five-pound coins.

Due to the extensive funds of the Odessa Museum exposition is constantly updated, it regularly holds thematic exhibitions on different cultures and eras.

In China found the remains of an unknown human ancestor
An international group of researchers from China and Australia have made a discovery that could one day turn the idea of human evolution . The mysterious remains were discovered in…

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